Hiring the Right Private Security Company

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Finding the Right Private Security Company Can be Difficult

The Private Security Industry covers a broad spectrum of services that can be a difficult and tedious process to navigate on your own. Each state is regulated by their own laws and procedures that have operational oversight specific to the security industry. Our business model is simple; we begin the process by identifying the type of security you require and then drill down to the specifics. For example, identifying the licenses/certifications which will be required; in-depth screening for a reputable company and being cognizant of any red flags that we identify as problematic; determining the current rate for services based on supply and demand in the market place; and finally we will solicit bids on your behalf from fully vetted and reputable companies.security contract
The process is even more challenging when companies /individuals are unprepared for the decisions required in contracting with a private security company. Unfortunately, these uninformed decisions can lead to the hiring of a less than reputable security company. This type of mistake often leads to overpaying for under-qualified individuals with little or no recourse. Security contracts that are hastily awarded, overwhelmingly favor the unscrupulous security company, where the job is sub-contracted multiple times and the client is left paying for inexperienced security personnel.
Sec2Sec’s brokerage services provide you with the reassurance that you are dealing with professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the security industry. Sec2Sec will be your advocate and will take the guess work out of hiring a private security company. Tell us what your requirements are and we will advise you on the options available based on best practices of the industry.

Sec2Sec evaluates each private security company that we solicit bids from on their own merits. We perform a rigorous examination in each of the following areas and provide a detailed report of our findings.private security company
• Licenses
• Management Team
• Experience
• Reputation
• References
• Proposal
• Insurance Coverage
• Claims History
• Lawsuits/Complaints

Sec2Sec ensures you have the proper tools and information needed to make an informed decision. We will assess each proposal and if requested we will negotiate on your behalf.

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