Meet the Owners

Liam McKevitt was born in Northern Ireland and joined the British Airborne Forces in 1969, where he spent a very distinguished career spanning 13 years. His military career took him to a number of trouble spots throughout the world and served as an ideal opportunity to develop his skills as a counterterrorism expert. After leaving the British Army, Liam was recruited by a security firm in London that placed him in Washington, D.C. In that location, Liam had the distinct honor to serve for over ten years as a key member of the security team for an Ambassador to the United States. Liam became an American citizen and continues to work in Executive Protection for high profile clients.

On the opposite side of the Atlantic, Nick Schwieso obtained his expertise with more than 12 years of combined security experience in both the military and private sector.  From 2000 through 2004, Nick served in the United States Marine Corps. He served with Marine Corps’ anti-terrorism and Infantry units. After Nick’s honorable service with the Marines, he transitioned to the private sector and refined his training by attending a well known Advanced Executive Protection course. Nick’s assignments in the private sector range from safeguarding hospital facilities during hurricanes to executive protection, including being employed as detail leader of an 11 man residential and close protection detail.

Together, Liam and Nick have over 55 years of military, anti-terrorism and private sector security experience. They have  operated in environments ranging from permissive to urban combat, in 49 countries on five continents. Liam and Nick’s paths crossed when working a detail together. While conducting a search for an agent with an extensive skill set in a specific discipline, the question arose: Why isn’t there a database where a search can be conducted for security professionals based on their skill sets? The answer to that question became the concept and the creation of Sec2Sec.