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Security Jobs for Security Professionals

Sec2Sec -Your first step to a better job!
If you’re in the security field, finding the best employment for someone with your skills and experience can be difficult.
It doesn’t have to be that way.
Sec2Sec was designed to make finding the best security jobs easier. It was developed to provide you with a job board solely dedicated to your profession.
Created by security professionals for security professionals, Sec2Sec brings the security job seeker tools to accomplish the job search easily and efficiently.
Use Sec2Sec to apply for security jobs. The jobs we list run the gamut from entry level security jobs to executive level security positions with top companies worldwide.
At Sec2Sec our mission is to offer a site where companies can find, recruit, and ultimately hire high-quality security professionals.
You’ll find jobs on Sec2Sec that range from airport security jobs, data security jobs, to Department of Homeland security jobs.
How Does Sec2Sec Work?
Joining and taking part in the job search on Sec2Sec is easy. Creating a profile is free; it’s fast and easy to get started. You can join the site with nothing more than an email address. Whether you are actively or passively seeking employment, Sec2Sec can help.

  • Create a profile for free
  • Alerts to keep you posted on new jobs
  • Dedicated to Security Professionals

Use the security jobs alert to notify you when a job is posted that meets your criteria. Apply for jobs online, directly from our website.
Whether you’re looking for a full-time, part-time or a contract security position we can help you find the right security jobs.
As a job seeker at Sec2Sec you’ll have the tools that you need to create a comprehensive employment profile that will stand out to potential employers. Upload your picture, interconnect with your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and upload multiple resumes to Sec2Sec.
Get the tools you need to find your dream job and control the experience every step of the way. Would you like to be notified about newly posted jobs or would you prefer to check into the site and review them? With Sec2Sec, unlike many other job seeker sites, you are in control of your own job search experience. From notifications to privacy Sec2Sec puts you in the driver’s seat.
If you’re tired of just making money – if you’re ready for a something a little more challenging, Sec2Sec puts endless career opportunities within easy reach.

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Looking for a Better Job Search Experience?


• Sec2Sec offers users a distinct experience versus a traditional security job search.


• Creating a profile and uploading your resume is FREE. There are NO "membership" fees.


• Gives you the opportunity to be recognized by companies looking for professionals with your skills.


• A great opportunity for security professionals actively or passively searching for employment.